Phenom Penh, Day 14: A big thank you to the people who have made this visit so wonderful

To all of you whom I have met in Phenom Penh:

Well… it is a long trip… but I am really surprised that after 14 days in the city, I had to extend my stay by two more days to wrap up laying the groundwork for when I return to the city in a few months.

A LOT of business and new personal introductions.

And to the folks who took their time to either arrange those meetings and the most gracious hosts who took personal time out of your already crowded and busy lives … and if you are reading this post, you know who you are … thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

I have completely fallen in love with Phenom Penh … and that is highly due to the most gracious people I have met.

So, for those of you who met with me, arranged introductions (or did BOTH!): THANK YOU!

You are so very kind.

I am blessed to have had the honor of meeting all of you.

Best wishes,

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