Ambassade de France

A walk around the city on a hot, noisy day.

Outside the French Ambassador to Cambodia’s office. Must be an interesting title to hold. The French came into IndoChina some 90 years ago +/-, and established their great SE Asia Imperialist Empire.

Today, that presence has been reduced to a small footprint of only the French Ambassador’s Office and the French Embassy.

The French established a ruthless rule over the peoples of SE Asia… which of part, of course, led many years later to the US involvement in the Vietnam war. Oh well. Just history now.

Today, the new “invaders” bring much needed development money into Cambodia. Cambodia is about to “explode”. Already,
for example, a new 1,200 room hotel is being built. Tourism increases are high double digits in upward growth per year.

Money, money, money. The NEW Cambodia.

Ambassade de France ... a bit sweaty today

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