Lunch at the Foreign Correspondants Club on the river

A much needed break from cycling around town… lunch at the Foreign Correspondants Club (known simply now as the “FCC”).

It was here that journalists from around the world took protection from the arriving Khmer Rouge, while at the same time trying to photograph what was going on … and get the news out to world of the killings they were seeing in the street.
A place of great historical interest.

Today, now a favorite expat haven, and yes,,, I have to admit,,, I have adopted it as my second home here. Interesting visitors (modern journalists, writers, etc), tourists (aka “me”), and others.

A great place to retreat from the hectic city…with great food.

Waiting for lunch and looking over the river

Great seating by the balcony overlooking the river

A great place to relax and meet people

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