Now in Cambodia!

Well, after a flight from hell, which I thought would never end, and has to have been THE MOST difficult international travel ever, I arrived.

The good news.  All went well.   And the “Cambodian vibe” is _exactly_ as my research predicted.   A pretty darn cool place.   Smiles.  Smiles.  Smiles.  Ultra cool.

Took a long “moto” tour (sitting on the back of a motorcycle for like five hours), all over the city,,,,  and outside to the actual killing fields… a very sad place.  Look like a beautiful tranquil park with benches and pagodas …. which is misleading because all around you are mass graves.   Due to the rains each year, some of the persons who were not buried very deeply, have begun to surface a bit in pieces.  So one must watch one’s step for random skull fragments, etc.

For a country that has really only had a about fifteen years to “get it’s act together as a country”, I think they are doing a great job.  Yes.  It has it problems and vices.  But it also has, I believe, a beautiful feature ahead.

Today…. another “moto” tour…. and FIREWORKS tonight on the river, since today is Cambodian Independance Day.  Cool.

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