Christmas in Vietnam: Phu Quoc island

Today, I sat at a cafe having lunch, watching the fishing boats come into the harbor.

Beyond, over the ocean, planes were arriving, bringing group after group of international travelers to this island resort.

These travelers are arriving with the plans of enjoying the Christmas holidays on this most pleasant of islands. This shall be their ‘shelter’ for the holiday season.

The travelers arrive by plane and by boat. And they shall continue to arrive for the next days, as Christmas draws near.

I too have chosen this island to pause for a bit from traveling. For a brief bit of time, I don’t have to worry about going from point to point, worrying about being stranded at sunset, being caught in the nightly storm, not finding food … or falling head first down a mountain injuring my leg, like yesterday.

For a while, it is now simply time to rest.

The sunsets are beautiful here at Phu Quoc, the beaches are spectacular, and the national parks are wonderful.

I guess I am going be OK during this holiday season.

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