“First Haircut”, part 2

OK… maybe I did not explain fully the experience after getting this particular haircut.

I was a bit shy, looking now like “GI Joe”, so I took some side streets. I was hungry. I wanted food.

Luckily, I came upon a most delicious noodle soup stand, which was absolutely awesome. The soup was great … the flavors… everything… just what was needed at the time.

Then … _THEN_ … I took a _left_ … walked a block … took another left … and that is when the traffic stopped.

I am not too sure what was going on.

Maybe this street never had any tourists, Vietnamese or Western?
Maybe this street never had any “Western” tourists?
Or _maybe_ this street did not have an American “GI Joe” walking down the street?

Seriously,,, no joke ,,, traffic just stopped. People just stared. No one continued their work. I ask you … how would you handle such a situation? I did it with smiles and goofiness … and I did not really pull that off with my, “Let’s bomb the Russians now!” General Patton haircut… That just did not work. I was really uncomfortable.

BUT … after several beers and toasts on the river tonight with local Vietnamese … and knowing now that no one here gives a damn what my hair looks like, and where every toast involve downing a full beer when meeting a new Vietnamese friend … I now feel better.

AND, after a new Western friend here asked, “Did you get a haircut or did you have an adventure?”, nothing could make me laugh more.

Yes. I had gotten a haircut. And yes, I had been given an adventure.

Tonight, I am quite happy with the way things worked out. A very funny day. 🙂

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