Vietnam: First Haircut in SE Asia

First, I should say that I simply should have done this in Cambodia. I had plenty of opportunities. I saw many places for one to get a nice Cambodian male haircut. A nice simple cut that all the Cambodian men have (except the youth, who opt for a very trendy long dangling sash of hair down one side, like a music video).

Instead, this “American” got his in Vietnam.

First, I must preface, there is nothing specifically wrong about the haircut. From the photo, it is just another version of my receding hairline type of haircut.

AND, the haircut was free. The gentleman told me at the beginning there would be no charge, and would not take any money after the cut was finished. So, cannot complain about the price.

It is just … well … _short_.

Ugh. Not my favorite haircut for wandering around these parts of Vietnam.

The hair will grow out… thank God … but in the meanwhile … just have to smile and laugh.

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