“Thank you!”: Great thanks to Mr. Ly of Chau Doc, Vietnam

Mr. Ly,

Thank you very much for showing me your town of Chau Doc today.

Thank you for the tour of the mountain and showing me the views of Cambodia and Vietnam from the top of that mountain.

I am much humbled by your gift of a Vietnamese travel atlas. Now, I will know where I am going!

I see that this atlas came from the high school where you were once the principal. The last checked out date shows “June 6, 1969”. I am truly humbled that you would give such a gift to someone you just met. Thank you.

Please give good wishes to the current principals I met when you gave me a tour of your school.

Lastly, thank your family and friends who manage this hotel for their great hospitality and patience. This lost traveler feels much better now.

Chau Doc is a wonderful place to visit, as well as a great place to live.

I hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes,
Mark Cave

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