Week 6: “Good Morning, Vietnam!” (follow-up)

OK … a nice dinner of eel soup and two Vietnamese beers and all is clear.

I am NOT lost. I am exactly where I was hoped to be headed. I simply arrived sooner than expected… I thought it was a five hour bike ride and it was only three… so, got confused.

My GPS today,,, and past week ,,, only says, “Your satellite location is not available at this time. Please try again later.”

GPS: THE reason I did not buy maps… just thought I could navigate with fancy electronic equipment that calls satellites, then relays your position. “Wrong 0, Jelly 0”.

I am simply in “Chau Doc” … hence all the tourists ,,, including now, groups of Westerners, who only come in for a day trip and do not spend the night. Only Vietnamese tourists spend the night. My hotel has only Vietnamese guests. I just biked around a lot of the city tonight and saw no Westerners.

Which is too bad. The temples at the foot of the mountain are lit up at night that is a great time to visit them. You have one of the most beautiful ones all to yourself, as you wander around the historical interior. A few Vietnamese pilgrims will be saying prayers, but for the most part, nighttime brings few people and only adds to the awe of this place, with its urns of ashes of monks from hundreds of years past, and historical photos, drawings, and intriguing statues. It is indeed a place of wonder and a visual feast, as well as a place of great spirituality.

Climbing the mountain tomorrow. Looks like a full day or two worth of sites. Awesome stuff all along the mountains here. Really too much for only a couple of days, but can always come again…

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