Finally … an internet connection!

OK… well,,, if I had spent my money in Phenom Penh on a laptop network card and prepaid for a few months 3G nationwide “high speed” internet access, I would not be were I am sitting right now.

Alas, I spent all my money on food … eating out at all the restaurants in PP.

But,,, turns out that being here… right _HERE_ … has turned out to be an adventure of its own.

I am sitting at an “internet cafe”. My borrowed Cambodian bike with a nifty basket sits outside this open aired business.
The internet connection is wonderfully FAST!!!!!! Wow! Really bit the big one at the “fancy guesthouse” where I just left.
This “hole in the wall” internet cafe has a ‘fiber optic’ connection, and if there is anything I love more than food, it is fiber optic internet connectivity.

I simply am stunned. I am the ONLY Westerner in this town… only Khmers live and work here… the sole exception so far of a reclusive gentleman I have met who has been in Asia since the 1960’s, and has witnessed everything that has hit this
wonderful little country ,,, both the good and the ugly, unfortunately.

Sitting front of me are three monk novices, garbed in their usual Buddhist orange attire.

The instructor is giving English lessons in Khmer. I can understand the English. Only some of the Khmer. It is 8:30pm. It is a one hour class. At 9pm, he teaches computer skills.

I am posting to my blog. (I have just finished dinner and beers with new Khmer friends, but that is a whole post of it’s own…)

“East meets West” … one American cyclist at a time….

Welcome to Cambodia! 🙂

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