“No problem. This is Cambodia!”

“Chill Out” is the #1 mindset that seasoned travelers know is the defacto state of mind visitors should adopt for a trip … or for living … in Cambodia.

Things … well … it is simply different here. So,,, slow down. Don’t worry. Everything will be OK. Chill out. Relax. Have some coconut juice. Time to chill out…

I had originally titled this post: “Chill Out: The Ultimate Destination for Travelers to Cambodia”… and that title still works, but with the explanation that “Chill Out” is not a _place_ but a ‘state of mind’.

So, with that in mind, here are some of the things you can do when you visit “Chill Out, Cambodia”.

Enjoy your visit. 🙂


Just follow the signs ... you won't get lost.

To reach “Chill Out”, just follow the signs.

There are many things to do in “Chill Out” …

Just another boat rescue .... getting used to them now.

Get lost and rescued by a friendly fisherman, who takes you to the CORRECT side of the lagoon ….

This looked like a nice beach for an afternoon swim .. totally private

Find a little strip of sand and make it your own private beach.

A quiet day, just watching the river go by the my room near the water...

Watch a river pass by,,, as you lay in your bungalow.

This pic just says it all...

Or just hang out in “Chill Out” for the day and do nothing.

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