Just what does one do at a beach resort in Cambodia?

The same as you would do at any beach resort…

Find the local sailing club.

Wait for Sunday Brunch to begin.

First of many courses that morning.

Watch the sailboats come in. (It IS a sailing club!)

Enjoy the view.

Retreat back to the walled compound of your resort for 100% privacy from tourists and the rest of the outside world.

This place is a place for relaxing…

Ex-pres. George W. stayed just next door to where I am. He visited recently with a group of eight, plus a Cambodian Ambassador.

This little strip of resorts is built and designed to guarantee privacy. They sit off the main road. You wonder amongst them on a little gravel road. You can use the facilities of your resort, or wander over to one of the other resorts, and have a lunch and enjoy the use of their facilities for the day.

Finally, end the day back at the Sailing Club for happy hour and have a drink with others. Fun BBQ’s on Friday nights and brunch every Sunday from 11a-2p.

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