“Drowning” in Cambodia: Part 2


The ‘official’ tourism name, adopted by the Minister of Tourism of Cambodia is:
“The Royal Kingdom of Cambodia — Land of Endless Wonder”.

And special, yes indeed, it is…

Was tired and full after having a big dinner of fresh fried crabs with a side of rice. Spicy, greasy, and so so good! Yum!

Got back to the hotel. Was going to go to sleep, but thought I’d get a drink from the fridge at the bar.

I step out of my room. Three people have been waiting for me. There are four Cambodian beers, and the three Cambodians.
The fourth beer … is for me.

They smile and wave me over.

I shake my head and laugh. This country is just so cool.

“The Royal Kingdom of Cambodia — Land of Endless Wonder”.

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One Response to “Drowning” in Cambodia: Part 2

  1. Chuck H says:

    Sounds like a fantastic trip. The updates have been fascinating. Thanks. Chuck

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