Can you send a postcard to Heaven?

I pulled over yesterday, ending several days on off roads in rural Cambodia. Took lots of pics… I’ll post a random gallery of those soon.. I promise!

BUT,,, THIS one, I was very excited when I first took it… saying out loud, “Oh Mom will love this one. I’ll make it into a real postcard and pick out some very pretty stamps. She’ll love it!”

… then, I remembered again,,, Mom left us a few months ago. My heart sank… Due to being the eldest, I have had much to do in the following months, with no real time to grieve yet. That big urn of held-up tears almost broke completely yesterday.

But when you are on a bike in Cambodia, you are constantly waving back to all the wonderful people ,,, especially the little kids,,, who shout out, “Hello”,,, “Hello”… “What’s your name?”… So, you have to keep that happy face on. That urn of tears will come out. Just yesterday was not a good time.

So,,, Mom,,, I hope you like the postcard and the stamps I picked out. Please let me know how you like it.

Postcard for Mom

Miss and love you so very much.

Your son,

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