Phenom Penh, Day 15: Saying goodbye ,,, leaving the city

So OK… here it is.

Today, I leave the comfort of the hotel, with all of its wonderful support staff and a great owner, say goodbyes,
take the “cultural training wheels” off… and head out of the city.

I am on “my own” now.

[Well, I guess I have always be ‘on my own’, but with the amount of support, friends, and introductions, the transition period has been so smooth for the past 2+ weeks in the city. So, was ‘on my own’ … but not really.]

NOW … now … I am really going on my own: Off to rural Cambodia!!

cycling cambodia

Have bike. Will travel ....

David, the owner of the hotel, seeing me off.

Remember: For cycling tours of Asia, always pack light…

Saying goodbyes to the great staff Phenom Penh Cambodia hotel

Saying goodbyes to the great staff

Great place to stay in Phenom Penh.

Hanging out in the pedicab

Hanging out in the pedicab

Pedicabs and motos are the primary transportation in PP.

french restaurant phenom penh

My second visit to Comme a la Maison, for a nice predeparture meal.

Comme a la Maison …

A French restaurant with great steaks.

Uhhmm … so delicious.

fried tarantulas

Fried tarantulas com a dipping sauce

I shall miss some of the more exotic offerings the city has to offer.

Be sure to order a mango daiquiri as well …

(Dining tip: Skip the abdomins. They like to eat odd things … and tasting their dinner from the night before … even if fried … uuhhh … just stick with the heads, legs, etc … dip a crunchy leg in the dipping sauce and enjoy. Follow up with a sip of that mango daiquiri. It’s actually really good.)

One of many fun nights

… and the many silly nights.

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